Be stunning on the slopes.

We believe that winter sports can be even more fun — more about shredding and less about logistics.





RideOn adds an extra layer of fun to the
mountain with games and challenges.

Ride through a virtual slalom track that only
you can see, or chase a shadow of your
favorite ski athlete down the mountain.

Compete against yourself and friends for
time and skill.


See your friends locations around you and
interact with them using audio and video.

Communicate with audio and video.

Post videos and stats online to impress your
friends back home.

Annoy your buddies with a virtual snowball.

houses technology
so advanced the AR graphics appear to be really there!

RideOn’s display,
although positioned right in front of the
user’s eye, projects virtual layers and data
focused to a distance of


thus creating an AR experience where
graphics appear as if integrated seamlessly
onto the real world.

goggles specs

Tech specs:


Optinvent technology 24° (diagonal) viewable area (3 times bigger than Google Glass)
Brightness: ~3000 nits


2200mAh 8 usage hours, 24 standby hours

Total weight

240g / 8.4oz


MicroUSB charge/desktop connection
Audio connectors
Bluetooth 4.0


Dual Core 1.2Ghz ARM Cortex

Operating System

Android 4.4.1


HD video recording



Ori Kotek


Ori has an extensive experience building augmented reality and image processing algorithms and software for real products. Abruptly terminated 3 years ago, his skiing career was replaced by a steadily improving snowboarding obsession. Ori enjoys programming, kiteboarding and electronic music.


Alon Getz


Alon had lead the development of augmented reality helmets for fighter pilots and has substantial knowledge in inertial sensors and systems. He is a software engineer and continues to enjoy writing code, while also claiming to be the best snowboarder and kiteboarder at RideOn. Hmmm…


Danielle Tichner

Operations & Marketing

Danielle has an extensive experience in operations, marketing & business development in high tech, low tech, fashion and design. Danielle is a globe-trotter who has travelled extensively and lived & worked in different countries. She has a passion for people, innovation, art, design and power yoga.

Ram Hillel

Ram Hillel

Industrial Design

Ram has a comprehensive experience in conceiving and developing products in diverse industries. A veteran off-road motorcyclist, he is excited about everything fast.

Micha Brodoff

Micha Brodoff


Micha joined RideOn in 2014 to build a community. Extroverted and bubbly, he’s always looking to board the mountain with his buddies or explore a new city for hidden gems. Micha likes primates, circus arts, and his bicycle.