Helmet Specs

  • 4K Video and 10MP Photos Action Camera

    • Video Stabilization Wind noise reduction Single,Burst,Time lapsed modes Share your experience live on Facebook, youtube, TWITTER
  • Hi def Headphones & microphone

    • High fidelity stereo headphones & microphone
  • Friend/Group Communications

    • Send a voice or a text message, INTERACT USING voice or video teleconference
  • Maps & Navigation

    • Up to date 3D maps with interactive information on points of interest. Explore THE mountain with a flyover tour AND NAVIGATE THE ROUTE WITH HigH precision
  • Fully Transparent Si-OLED Display

    • Enjoy the ultimate in Augmented Reality thanks to HD display (720p). Amazing crisp image and vivid colors even on a brightest sunny day
  • See your stats:

    • Speed
    • Altitude
    • Heart Rate
    • Distance Traveled
    • Temperature
    • Wind Speed
    • Friends LOCATION
    • Radar
  • Virtual SOS button:

    • A manual and/or an automatic activation of an emergency assistance request to the resort’s rescue team

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