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RideOn specialize in cutting edge AR. We're good at weaving digital information into the real world, and creating new experiences in a variety of activities with our tech. Our ski goggles are just the beginning.

Why we do what we do

RideOn is a new, digitally connected lifestyle. RideOn enthusiasts are known for being adventurous early adopters with a love of the outdoors and tech.

Our team of AR experts develop unique products for various activities and industries.

From product ideation to full-scale manufacturing and delivery, we're creating products that will change the way even more people live their lives. RideOn is the future of a connected, active lifestyle.

We've shipped our flagship product, RideOn AR ski goggles, to hundreds of early adopters worldwide.

As we continue to deliver to tech and sports enthusiasts, our team is ready to take on new frontiers.

Stay tuned for our upcoming line of products, covering a variety of outdoor activities.

RideOn's Story

From our early days of coding on the ski slopes, to our delivery of a full-fledged product, this is our story.


Coding - Started fitting our AR tech for use with our first product, RideOn ski goggles

Product design - Created the first version of goggles housing for our AR tech

Field testing - Skied with a laptop for debugging


Indigogo - Achieved our crowdfunding goal and more

Contests and pitches - Won world class competitions

Media buzz - Garnered huge media attention

Assembly - Put it all together in preparation for first shipment


APP & Coding - The code is used for image processing to place the AR in the correct place in the world

Working product - Making concept into (A R)eality

Customer Experience - Enhancing fun with RideOn ski goggles

Future verticals - Multiple possible ways to enhance your outdoor experience

What we develop

Take a look at some of the fields we're reimagining with RideOn AR - from aviation to sailing, and more...

RideOn team

RideOn develop AR technologies for various fields like aviation, marine and sailing, gaming industry and more...

  • Alon Getz, CEO

    Alon had lead the development of augmented reality helmets for fighter pilots and has substantial knowledge in inertial sensors and systems. He is a software engineer and continues to enjoy writing code, while also claiming to be the best snowboarder and kiteboarder at RideOn.


    Avi is a manager, researcher, developper and an expert in cross platform simulations, avionics and augmented reality systems. He amasses an impressive 14 year experience in AR for drones in the IAF and software engineering.

  • Tomer Cohen, OPERATIONS

    Tomer is in charge of operations and product QA, with significant experience in AR tech. From surfing to motocross, he loves the outdoors and anything hands­on.

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