Will I not get distracted receiving all of this information while skiing?

No. The user experience is optimized for minimum distraction. RideOn automatically detects motion and switches to an extremely minimal riding mode when skiing downhill. The full information and interaction features are only displayed while standing still.

What happens if I crash?

You’ll probably feel pain and embarrassment as usual. RideOn goggles are designed to be as safe as any regular goggles.
(To be expanded).

Will I get new software updates?

Yes. New features and algorithms will be added constantly. RideOn Indiegogo supporters will receive all software updates for free.

Is the information displayed on the entire surface of the goggles?

No. The information is displayed on a see-through display that projects light into your right eye. Within a few minutes of use, the brain adjusts and it feels that the information resides on the real world.

In what way is RideOn different than existing goggles like Oakley AirWave or Zeal’s products?

The main difference is RideOn’s delivery of a true augmented reality experience. This distinction is derived from the see-through display which projects data onto the center of your field of view, instead of showing it on a small display in your peripheral vision.

Will I be able to see the display clearly in broad daylight on a sunny day?

Yes. The lighting of our display is strong enough so that unless you stare directly at the sun, the entire display will be clear, crisp and readable.

To what distance is the display focused?

We use a set of three lenses in order to focus the displayed graphics in the distance. These graphics will appear merged in the same perceived distance as the outside world. This way, your eyes won’t switch back and forth from the world to the display.

Will it work on slopes without 3G reception?

Yes. The features that requires 3G — like messaging your friends — will be disabled, but many of the features are self-contained in the memory of the goggles, including ski resort navigation and orientation, games & challenges, and video recording.

Will it work if I ski without my mobile phone?

Yes. But the features that requires 3G connection will be disabled.

Tell me more about the quality of the HD camera.

The recording quality will be configurable via the mobile app, with 1080p, 720p and lower resolutions available.

Does it work in sub-zero temps?

RideOn functions between -20 and 40 degrees C (-4 to 104 degrees F).

Do RideOn’s AR graphics react as smoothly as you claim?

RideOn’s inertial sensors calculate your head’s orientation and position 100 times per second (100Hz). These orientation readings are further corrected using our computer vision algorithms which, along with the HD camera input, correct the drift errors that accumulate over time. This means that AR graphics (i.e. a friend finder arrow) are constantly re-oriented to their real-world counterparts (i.e. your friend in the distance), resulting in smooth, accurately positioned graphics, even during quick head movements.

Does the friend finder feature work with friends who don’t have RideOn?

Friend finder works with any user who has RideOn goggles or the free RideOn app (available on Google Play and the Apple App Store later this year) on their phone.

Will I be able to call/message friends who don’t have RideOn?

Interaction features like calling and text are phone-based. If your friends download the free RideOn app (available for Play and App stores later this year) on their phone, you’ll be able to see their locations and stare at them to call/text hands-free.

Does RideOn house maps in my favorite ski resort in my country?

We are partnering with a major ski-mapping database that contains 95% of major ski resorts worldwide. These maps will be supported from day one. Gaps in our ski map data will be filled using crowdsourced data (with your permission) sent to us from your RideOn goggles, so we can map smaller resorts and cover as many ski sites as possible.

Any questions?

First, download the user manual. You can contact our support by emailing us to [email protected], or filling in the form below:


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