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Orange CEO demos RideOn

Stéphane Richard, CEO of Orange, visited RideOn at our offices in SOSA yesterday. We impressed him with a demo. Maybe you’ll see him on the slopes next winter? Pre-order your RideOn at rideonvision.com/get-your-rideon and then turn on the friend finder app.  

Riders showing off their RideOn neck warmers, even in the heat of summer. Thanks Ohad, Sharon, Dan, Alon, Karen, & Ehud for the submissions! Augmented reality and snow sports enthusiasts can join them and hundreds of other riders this winter by pre-ordering their RideOn ‪#‎AR‬ ‪#‎ski‬ goggles here, and they won’t have to pay a dime until the goggles ship […]

RideOn CEO speaks at US-China startup forum

This weekend, RideOn CEO Alon Getz attended the annual US-China Startup Investment Forum in Zhengzhou, China. He talked as a VIP guest speaker on his work in augmented reality (AR)‬ systems. Shout outs to all the enthusiastic riders he met at the forum. Xiè xiè, China, and see you next year!

A sneak peak at RideOn’s in-ride navigation

This clip shows our first iteration of RideOn’s in-ride navigation ‪AR feature. When you approach a junction, RideOn will display the piste name of each potential route so you won’t take a wrong turn. It’s a little rough around the edges now, but we’re making progress. Expect prettier things to come. Glimpse of friend finder at the […]

Wait wait… What is augmented reality?

With the constant influx of new information on the Internet, we sometimes forget the most basic things. You’re probably thinking, “I’ve been skiing since I was 5 years old. How could I forget what a ski pole is?” We agree, but nobody has been augmented-reality-ing since they were 5. So you might need a refresher. […]

RideOn’s HD Camera

Alon Getz installs RideOn’s new HD camera. The camera is used for recording video, video chat features, and in combination with inertial sensors to measure user location and head orientation. The video allows for HD recording at 1080p.