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Middle East meets skiing

Who said it couldn’t happen? This is the second time that ski and snowboarding‬ meet the Middle East. The first time? We’d like to think it was us. (Actually it was Dubai)

Virtual vs. augmented reality in gaming

Virtual reality and augmented reality are different in a fundamental way. The former is a fully immersive experience, while the later aims to keep reality in place while tweaking it in some way – for example, by making reality more informative or social through relevant computer graphics and data. Virtual reality gaming is upon us, and […]

RideOn’s see-through display

RideOn’s see-through display. This is where the magic happens. With the help of RideOn’s GPS and inertial sensors, the see-through display projects graphics accurately onto their real-world counterparts: Your friends’ locations, your favorite ski lift, your destination. The display is 3x wider than Google Glass for a true AR experience, and super bright for use […]

Tomorrow, RideOn will be demoing our ‪#‎AR‬ ‪#‎ski‬ goggles at Made in Germany 2015 Exhibition in Tel Aviv. Come check us out and say “Hey!” but please register first at this FB event.

❅Just add #snow and #skis #snowboard.❅ How would you improve on BuzzFeed & intel‘s list? Send an email to [email protected], the best response will receive a $50 discount code on their pair of RideOn AR ski goggles! http://t.co/x1Gg7K7lVE

Even Snowshoe Magazine is fond of us! When asked about if the goggle might be useful during a snowshoe expedition, Kotek laughed and said their product is better suited for high-speed sports where users benefit from quick, data-rich information, but they are still exploring all of the possibilities. To snowshoers out there: What AR features […]

Happy Solstice! For many of us, this means the beginning of summer. But for half our planet, ‪#‎WinterIsComing‬. Addicted to powder? Check out this list of some of the best in the South, from Argentina to New Zealand. We’ll be testing RideOn’s final version in one of these places in the coming months. Recommendations? And […]

RideOn’s optical head-mounted display

RideOn’s user interface is completely hands-free. A user’s head movements are measured using inertial sensors tucked away inside the goggles. This seemingly small detail opens up an entire world: Augmented reality for outdoor sports. Maps, GPS locations of friends, and points of interest jump off the screen of your phone and onto the real world around […]